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ABLe’s Special Educational Game Project

As a public service, ABLe Broadcasting has developed a series of special education games.  ABLe licenses these games to individuals and organizations.  Today there are three games in the series.  Each uses the Windows “text to speech” facility to provide both a verbal and a written experience.

Spelling: Using a vocabulary of over 3,000 words and grade levels K-5, this game verbally prompts the student to spell each word, and drills the correct spelling on missed words.  When the test is finished, a list of missed words is displayed for recording and more work.  The same test words are repeated until the parent/teacher decides the current set is mastered.  The list of words can be examined and updated using a simple text editor like Notepad.

Calculator Math: A series of arithmetic problems; add, subtract, multiply, and divide are presented.  Students are expected to use a four-function calculator to get the correct answer.

Dollar-Up & Change: Tests a set of purchases and amounts.  Prompts for the dollar-up amount, asks the student to select cash to pay the amount, and then asks the student to calculate the change due back.  The list of purchase and price ranges can be edited by the parent or teacher with a text editor like Notepad.

All the games use English prompts, and we have no plans to expand to other languages, sorry.  But if you have a need, please contact us and we’ll discuss it.

The games have been tested under Windows XP and Windows 7.

Please contact ABLe by Email or other means to discuss licensing one or more of the series.


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