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Arch Hughes

Arch is a co-founder of ABLe Broadcasting Inc., and leads its Engineering and Operations teams.  Arch also runs ABLe's consulting services work.

Arch worked for two years on ABLe's contract with Wind River services, serving at their facility as the project manager, manager of systems engineering and of systems engineering and test on a project to develop the electronics and software for the RED ONE camera.  In addition, Arch leads engineering teams and proposal efforts related to digital consumer electronic devices, the Android mobile phone platform, and DO-178B/C certification contracts.

Arch worked for four years on the MovieBeam system, leading its set top box development team and working on other areas of its broadcasting service.

He has been in the leading development roles of Digital setup boxes for consumer electronic manufactures in markets around the word since 1997 at San Diego's Doctor Design, later Wind River Services Inc. 

Prior to that he worked at TV/COM International, Inc. where he helped launch pioneering DTH systems in North America and Germany; AlphaStar & Kirch's DF1.

He has worked in several software development leadership roles for other companies such as Data General and HyperDesk, where he co-founded that startup which established the standard for Dynamic Object Oriented Request Brokers to the CORBA standard.

He spent four years in US Air Force as computer systems engineering officer working on numerous major systems acquisitions including the DEW Line upgrade program.

He holds a Masters and Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science from the University of Louisville in Kentucky (1979).

Arch stores and publishes notes with a few Windows and other technical tricks here.

More information on Arch can be found at his LinkedIn page.


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